Counselling – what it is and what to expect.  
Our counselling approach is mainly person-centred which means the sessions are led by you. Your counsellor will listen to you with compassion, empathy and unconditional acceptance, and will take your lead on what you want to talk about. We do not advise or direct as we believe people are their own best experts and can be supported to find their own solutions, which might not be the solution that is best for someone else.  

We will not use diagnoses or labels as we do not think these are helpful to people seeking change. 

Some of our counsellors may be trained in additional techniques such as cognitive behavioural therapy or coaching and may use relevant approaches in consultation with you. 
In your first session your counsellor will ask you a bit about what has brought you to counselling and what you want to get from the process, as well as any history of seeing therapists and how you found it, so it’s a good idea to think a little bit about this beforehand. 

Counselling is a collaborative process and works best when clients are committed and attend sessions regularly. The counsellor undertakes a similar commitment, and ensuring you feel safe, secure and comfortable in the counselling session is of the highest priority. 

Sessions fees will be discussed in your 1st appointment with concessions available to people on a low income.
Minimum of £15 for a 50 minute session.